Stunning Global is your partner in the Russian market.

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we help Michigan and other U.S. companies enter and expand in the Russian market confidently and successfully.

There are challenges inherent in entering any market undergoing tremendous social, political and economic transformation, as Russia has been over the past 20 years. But there are also abundant opportunities for those companies that take the time to start off on the right foot and with the right partners.

Larger companies have always known this, and they have had the resources to enter Russia early on in its transition to a market economy. However, as Russia matures in its economic transition — as demonstrated by its recent accession into the World Trade Organization — it is the perfect time for small to medium-size enterprises to enter and expand into this large and diverse market.

The Stunning Global network is multidimensional. It covers all of Russia — from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok. And it includes those who lived through the Soviet period, as well as those who only learned about “perestroika” in their history classes. We have trusted contacts throughout government, academia and business, with expertise in areas from public policy to scientific research to finance.

Stunning Global is your experienced and trusted partner for success in Russia.